Dubbing studio Alexandra Audio

Alexandra Audio is the biggest dubbing company in Bulgaria. All top movies are dubbed by the employers of this company. I programmed the administration panel and user frontend part of their website using PHP and MySQL.

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The corporate website of Alexandra Audio was very important project for my career, because the company is the biggest of its kind in Bulgaria. The website is more of a showcase than a website. Most of the clients want their websites to be easily found in Google's indexes. In this case the company was so popular that they didn't need any SEO. The most important things here were browser compability and fast page loading. I worked on this website while I was employed by Web Design LTD.

What I did

For this website I developed the administrative panel and the user frontednd. The administrative panel was of average complexity. The hardest task for me was to create the module that is used to organize movies. These movies were the ones that were dubbed by Alexandra Audio. The movies are organized by type and producer.

The front end part of the website was also programmed by me. The site consists of several modules. The most important: Movies (which I briefly described in the previous paragraph), articles and pages. Again the most important part was the movies, displayed in the menu as references. I added a javascript plugin which shows the poster of each movie on mouseover() event of its title. This effect was welcomed very well although it wasn't in the projetcs plan.

Skills that I used

For this project I used three main skills: PHP, MySQL and Javascrpt. The PHP scripting language powers the website's engine and makes connection to the database. I used MySQL knowledge to design and created the database of the website and to create and optimize the queries. As I mention for this project the most important things were speed and cross browser optimization. The page load speed depended on my work and PHP and MySQL skills.

I used javascript to connect the movies posters with their respective titles, and ti show them on mouseover() of the movie title.

What I learned

For me this was very interesting project. On one side I worked for a project that was related to a very big company and there was no room for mistakes. Also the fact that the SEO was the last thing to think about realy untied my hands and I was more free to write creative and somewath innovative source code than usual. This was the first project in my professional career in which the SEO was the last thing to think about. Usually the SEO stuff is incorparated in the website while it is created. This was the way the things worked in "Web Design".

Stages of development

This project is relatively small as a volume of work. On the other side it represents the company that created it. In this case my employer. The workflow went through 3 main stages.

  1. As usual there were a number of meetings with the client to clarify the main purposes of the website. On this meetings I realized that this website is different compared with other that I worked on.
  2. After the meetings were over and the design and slice of the website was ready, it was my time to take the project. I programmed fully its administrative panel and user part.
  3. After I did my job the client was pleased to see the work done within the deadlines. Moreover the representatives of the company, who were on the presentation of the website, were suprised by the added interactivity with the movies posters.

The client

Alexandra Audion is the biggest dubbing studio in Bulgaria and maybe in the balkan region. The main purpose of the website was to present the visitors with the movies that they worked on. Only in this way the future clients of the company could see how big and influential the company is.

Some of the blockbusters in the last years were dubbed by Alexandra Audio. Just a small bit of the titles are: "Monsters, Inc", "The Lon King", "Toy Story 2" and 3, "Madagascar", "Shrek" and many more.