German pub "Die alte Lampe"

The website of the German pub "Die alte lampe" went through a redesign. After the redesign a few bugs appeared. I had to fix these bugs. I worked on this project while I was employed by Web Design LTD.

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The client wanted a redesign of his website. The old version of the website was very old and a new better vision was required. This would help the client to compete with other German pubs located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The new design and the development was done in Web Design LTD. The development was done by my colleagues.

What I did

After the redesign and programming were finished a few bugs appeared. These bug were related with the displaying of the pub's menu in the different language versions of the website. It has three versions: Bulgarian, English and German of course. After all it is a German pub.

The main problem was that the Bulgarian menu was displayed in the other two language versions. My job was to fix this problem. After I did some corrections to the source code, each language version had the correct menu displayed.

Skill that I used

In order to complete the task assigned to me I had to use my PHP and MySQL skills. The problem was related with several queries to the database. I had to fix these queries. There were also problems in the HTML templates, which I had to fix too.

The pub's menus are stored in PDF files on the server's file system. The problem with the HTML was that wrong file paths were set.

The client

"The German pub "Die alte lampe"" is a long time client of Web Design LTD. The previous version of the website was designed by my exemployer's designers.