Horse riding perivolas is a website of a small company located in the mountain of Pirin. The company's main source of income is a ranch in the vilage of Bachevo near the city of Bansko.

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Although I listed this project in the corporate category, the case is a little bit different. Actually the cient in this case was a family that has its own business. The website is a standart website. It contains news secton were articles related with the ranch are published, pages where general information is published and gallery with images from the ranch. My favourite horse was and still is Nemo. I worked on this project while I was employed by Web Design LTD.

What I did

In this paticular case I had to fix some issues with the source code. The bugs were realred with the HTML output. After I fixed the bugs I started to improve the website's SEO. Usually somebody else does this, but for this website I wanted to take this taks. We (the team of Web Design) had a great teambuilding in the ranch and I wanted the best for the website's SEO.

Skills that I used

To fix the bugs in the source code I used PHP and HTML. All bugs were related with the visualization of the data in the visitors' browsers. There were no bugs related to data retrieval or calculations.

My SEO skill were in use while I was doing the SEO improvements. I worked on the project for 6 months. In these months the website's position in Google's indexes improved in a good way.

What I learned

As I was working over the webstie's search engine optimization, I improved my SEO skills. The work that I did included a lot of researching and reading. Also I did some improvisations. Some of them turned out to be good practices, others didn't have any impact at all.

Stages of development

In this case I can't provide a list of the development stages, because I was introduced to the project in a  very late stage. As I wrote earlier I fixed some issues with the HTML and I palyed small role in the project's workflow. On the other side I played a huge role in SEO process. And here I can provide a brief list of the stages that I went trough while I was improving the content of the website.

  1. First of all I had to scan all the HTML templates and their display in the browser, This was the only way for me to be sure that everything that could be done in HTML is done correctly. My colleague programmed the website so I had to do this inspection.
  2. After I was ready with the inspection I did some researches. In this stage I basicaliy scaned through perivolas's biggest rivals in Google. I had to see what they have done for their SEO and in which phrases they are weaker. It is always better to win the race in not so popular keywords beofre the race to begin.
  3. Here I had the keywords that were appropriate for the first round of oprimization, Here I used google's keywords tools to sieve the phrases that were most important so I can focuse on them.
  4. After I had the words I started to write articles related to these words and the website positions numbers begin to get smaller and smaller. Also the number of pages that the uaser had to click before he can reach the website went to 0. This was possible after the website appeared on the first page in Google searches.
  5. Then when the site was ready to get into the real figth fot the toughest words. The client insited to continue the optimization on its own. Of course I gave them (the family) a brief tutorial over the process of SEO. Moreover I gave them a lot of important links where they could learn more about search engine optimization.

The client

This website was the presentation of the family's business on the Internet. The clients in this case were very nice people. They offered us to organize our teambuilding and it was really the greatest teambuilding that I have ever had.