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This is a corporate website for a very important client. The website was one of the first that I did at ivuWorks. Since this was one of my first projects there, I learned a lot of new techniques. Also the work that I did improved my knowledge about MVC mo

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Description is a corporate website. It belongs to one of the most popular lifecoach company in Bulgaria. The website includes in its content various kinds of information separated into posts. From articles and news to list and descriptions of different types of psychological problems. Also it has a list with the seminars that the owner organizes. There is a countdown clock which counts the amount of time that's left before the start of the event.

What I did

During my stay in ivuWorks I was working in the development department. For this website I programmed the administration tools and I aslo programmed the frondend functionality.

The administration panel includes tools that control all the information stored in the database. The panel was build on top of a custom CMS that was developed by me durring my work on previous projects, which I worked on in the same company. Some of the main advantages of this CMS are the separation of the modules and the possibility to link posts from one module to posts in other modules. Also every module contains a WYSIWYG editor for better control over the texts. Also some of the articles that were going to be published required image upload.

The visitors' side was the other part of the website that I worked on. All the data stored in the database is shown in the frontend of the website. The first thing to notice is the dynamic menu displayed in the header of the website. The menu functionality allows its items to be connected to modules as well as single items from them. The events section has a countdown watch that counts the time until the next event. If the event is currently running the watch is showing 00:00:00.

Skills that I used

For this project I used my HTML, PHP, MySQL, jQuery and Javascript skills. I needed to know HTML, because the custom CMS that I had developed is based on the MVC model. So I needed the HTML skill to set the data gathered by the PHP scripts in the templates.

I used PHP and MySQL to manipulate the data entered by the administrators and to store it and when needed to retrive it. PHP is the backbone of the website's dynamic behaviour. I used the MySQL to store the data. The connection between the PHP and MySQL is done by an abstract class that I wrote.

Javascript was mainly required for the countdown watch. At ivuWorks the plain Javascript is not used as much as jQuery, because of the easier maintanance of jQuery scripts. This countdown meter was a plugin that had to be set up in appropriate way. This setting up insured that it will do its job correctly and precisely.

This was one of the first websites in which I used jQuery. I used it for some dynamic content as well as to incorporate some plugins written be other developers like fancybox.

Finally for this website I had to research the MailChimp API. There is a newsletter sign up form in the website where visitors can add their e-mails on which they want to recieve regular updates on what is going on with the lifecoach center, latest news and etc.

What I learned

The most important thing that I learned, while I worked on this project, was how to use the jQuery plugins. Moreover how to write simple jQuery code. Since this was one of the first websites on which I applied jQuery, I have little time to deal with it. This time was long enough to do my job on time.

During the development of I deepened my knowledge related to the MVC model. Also because of the non-stop changes to the functionality, that were required by the client, I gained experience how to make scalable applications and applications that can be easily supported.

I also learned a bit about the MailChimp API. This was required by the client who. It wanted to have a newsletter sign up form in the website and the requirement was that the form is connected with MailChimp from where the newsletters are sent. For this task I had to research the Javascript API.

As usual I applied mu SEO understandigs in order to improve the website's indexation in Google. All websites developed by ivuWorks have their SEO optimizaition done during the development of the website.

The client

The client for this website was one of the most popular lifecoaching companies in Bulgaria. It was so popular that many of its emplyees were often guests in TV shows. Their popularity was not restricted only to TV appereances, also they took part in other medias like radio, websites and magazines.