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This online book store is very popular. The client of the website are people with different background. All kinds of books are sold through the website.

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This website is an Internet store where many types of books are sold: books for children's education, foreign languages dictionaries and textbooks, hobby books, health and beauty books, cook books and technical literature. I worked on this website while I was employed by "Web Design LTD". The website was fully developed by the time I started to work. I had to add very important extensions.

What I did

For this website I had to do two important things. The first one was to design and create a functionality, with which every category could have image attached to it. This means that first I had to modify the administration panel where the categories were managed. After this was done, I had to modify the forntend of the website, where the attached images are now shown next to their respective categories.

The second and most important task was to add user registration to the frontend. Before this extension was added by me, there was only an order form. In this form the visitors had to fill in their credentials and then the orders were able to be processed. The adding of the registration wasn't the only thing that I had to do. User registrtion requires many other extensions to be implemented. User login form is one of them. After the login there is a profile page. On this page the clients can edit the information about them. Most important the "My orders" section was added. This allowed the customers to check their orders history anywhere at anytime without contacting the support of the website.

Skill that I used

I used PHP, MySQL, HTML to fulfill the tasks assigned to me. It was mandatory for me to understand HTML. I needed to change the categories add / edit forms and to display the image in the frontend. PHP and MySQL I used to implement the user Login / Registration functionality. Every server side script, I have written, is in PHP. The database that I extended was based on MySQL. In order to upload the images (related to the categories), and to store them properly I had to have knowledge about UNIX files system and UNIX operating systems as a whole. Without this I wouldn't be able to change the file owners and file read / write / execute rights.

What I learned

Moreover this was one of my first clashes with somebody else's source code. It was of great importnce for my professional development to learn how to read and understand other programmers source code and to get to know the logic that they have implemented.

The client

The client is a big Bulgairan company in the book selling business. Furthermore the client sells newspapers and magazines. Also book printing is offered through the website. The work that I did was very important, because "Veren" are long time client of Web Design.