Online clothes store was the first project of a startup the I created with a friend. The client was an international company that sells knitted clothes in Europe. Although they had huge market share the website was orientated to Bulgarian visitors.

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The online clothes store was the first project of my startup. I founded this company in cooperation with a friend. We worked together on this project. I did the programming and he did the slice of the PSD-s. The main purpose of the website was: selling the production of my client on the Internet. Although the website has two interface languages, the Bulgarian visitors were more important than foreign ones.

What I did

For this website I programmed the administative panel and the front end. Virtually all the work related with coding was done by me. To do this I created a CMS in PHP. The administration of the clothes is very interesting. The products, in this case clothes, are separated by several criteria like: gender, type of the clothes and collections. Moreover recently an Outlet section was added.

As the clothes are the main source of information in the shop, and the most important part of it. The clothes have many different options that can be set like: size, color and more. These several modules take more of the administration and also the frontend as a time for development.

Skill that I used

PHP, MySQL, Javascript and little CSS and HTML. These were the skills that I used to succeed with the creation of this website. PHP is the main language that I used to develop the CMS's engine and modules. Also the connection with the database and the retrieveing of information from it is done by the PHP scripts.

The database is running on MySQL deamon. I created and normalized the database schema. Although I had finished the work on the CMS at the time of which we took the project, additional work was needed to modify the tables so they can take the additional information related to the products in the e-store.

As the client was customer of my company I was the leader of the project. All the communication and meetings with the client were conducted by me. The skills in communicaton with clients that I had acquired in previous projects were very important here. Without them it would have been harder for me to understand what the client wanted.

What I learned

I modified my CMS to complete the work for this client. The one thing that I learned was how to manage big scale project. Also this was my first time when I created a branch of a project to start a new one. Although this was common thing in the companies for which I worked this task was more complicated here. I improved my PHP, MySQL skills. My javascript knowledge was greatly improved.

Because I conducted all the communications with the client my skill to work with clients was also improved in a positive way. Here I had to work with both the client directly and its representattives.

Stages of development

From all the projects that I have worked on this is the one that has the biggest number of stages that can be easily distinguished.

  1. My first interaction with the projects was a meeitng with my client's representative. On this meeting I was introduced with the project.
  2. After this meeting me and my partner had to make an offer in order to win this project for our startup. The first project is very important every startup. Especially when the main subject of activity is clients' projects. Our company didn't have its own projects.
  3. The offer was satisfying and the client assigned to project to my company.
  4. After the project started I had a meeting with client itself. On this second meeting we discussed further tasks related with the website. On this meeting the client said that the e-shop needs more modules incorporated in it and a new offer has to be made.
  5. The new offer was done and sended to the client in several days .
  6. Again the offer was acceptable for the client and the work on the website had begun.
  7. The client wanted a third party to do the design. In this stage we had to wait a week or two. The designer needed these two weeks to finish the design. During this two week I did as much work as I can with no design.
  8. After I had got the design, I was able to connect the PHP scripts with the HTML templates that my colleague sliced for me.
  9. One month had elapsed since the start of the project. The website was done and it was running on a development server where the client could see how it works and performs.
  10. When the client was satisfyed with the results of our work. There was a meeting during which I had to educate the operators of the website how to work with the CMS's administrative panel.
  11. In the last stage the website was given to the client and the project was ended. The client was so satisfied with the work that for the years that elapsed there were no queries for improvements.

The client

The client was a Bulgarian company that is located in the small town of Dospat. The company has huge market share in Europe. Although the physical market is constantly expanding (currently in Finland), the client didn't have an online store to sell its products online. This gap was filed by the website developed in my company.