Online copier machines store

This web shop is the first website that I created in my professional career. This website is a satelite website of a company that sells office supplies on the Internet. The client wanted to sell its copier machines in a separate website.

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This website is an online store where the client wanted to sell its copier machines, faxes and etc. The website is a satelite one to a parent e-commerse web shop. The second site has the database with products and images stored on his file system. The parent website has a lot of visits and orders. Nevertheless the client wanted to poses a website where he can list all copier machines form their inventory. I worked on this project while I was employed by Web Design LTD.

What I did

Before I finished this website I didn't have any particular experience with professional web development, the whole tasks were assigned to me. In this case there was no administrative panel, because the administration was done in the administrative panel of the parent website. My job was to program several scripts. I had to connect these scripts with the templates that were presented to me by my employers designers. The templates were home page, product listing, single product page, shopping cart and checkout page.

Skills that I used

To fullfil the tasks that I was assigned with I used my PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS knowledge. PHP is powering the website's engine. Moreover the data retrival and insertation is done by the PHP scripts. The database is running on MySQL deamon. I used MySQL to write queries. I need HTML and CSS in order to connect the PHP scripts with the templates that were given to me by the designers in Web Design.

What I learned

This was the first professional website that I worked on. It was very important for me and my professional development. I learned a lot of new things during the work process. Also the company's seniors gave me a lot of insights and tricks. The most important thign was that I was involved in the process of the creation of a client's website.

Stages of development

This was my first professional project. It has already been undergoing when I started at Wen Design. Durign the time I worked on it I whent through 4 main stages.

  1. In the begining the project was presented to me by the project manager,  and I started ot create my workplan.
  2. Then I started to work on it.
  3. After I was done with the work and all templates were connected and were fully functional I started to test the product of my work.
  4. After I finished the testing I had to fix some bugs that I found.

The client

The client was a big company in the office supplies sector. They wanted to have several separate websites. In these websites they wanted sell specific, for these website, goods. This website was the first of them.