Online office supplies shop

This online shop is the second website that I created in my professional career. This is a satelite website of a company that sells office supplies on the Internet.

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Description is a satelite website of a company that sells office supplies on the Internet. The company already had a website that lists all the priducts that they can offer to their clients. Although the company's main website has a lot of visitors and orders, the client wanted to sell some of its products in a separate website specially designed and programmed for this purpose. I was involved in this project while I was employed by  Web Design LTD.

What I did

Although this was the second website that I was assigned to do in "Web Design" and in my professional career as a whole, I had the task to program everything from the website's functionality. This means all front end functionality. Product listing, categories, menus, shopping cart and orders. These modules were developed by me.  In this case the website doesn't have any administrative panel or funtionality related with controlling the data shown in it, because it uses the database of its parent websitei which has its own administrative panel where operators are able to control products, orders and other aspects of the website.

Skills that used

PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript. These were the skills that a used to fullfil the tasks assigned to me. PHP powers the website's functionality, sessions and database connectivity. The information about the products is stored in a MySQL database. I need to know this RDBMS in order to be able to write queries. With these queries I retrieved information about the proucts, and stored information about the orders and users that make orders.

I used Javascript to breathe live into some interactive elements in the website. In this case the menu with categoies and other elemengs. HTML and CSS I used to connect the PHP scrpts with the templates that the company's designers gave to me. After some time in the proejct I also wrote some CSS styles to fix some errors.

What I learned

This website was very  important for my professional development. This was the second project that I was involved in as a employee in a web design studio. I learned a lot new stuff about the work process in a real company. Also new interesting thigns about the web development, as a whole, were introduced to me by the company's seniors.

Stages of developmnet

It was a long time ago, alomost 3 years, as far as I can recall the project was finished very quickly. There was no need of adminidstrative panel. In this case the home page, product listing, single product page, shopping cart and product order pages were the templates that had to come to live. In this case I can say that for me there several main stages. I was still new to be involved in the whole process (from meetings with client to website transfer). The phases are:

  1. The company's seniors presented the project to me, and aslo they gave some instruction aboute the process and standarts in the company.
  2. I worked on the project, it was very interesting for me.The previous week I had to the same work for the same client, but for another proejct, and still it was interesting for me.
  3. After I was ready with the source code I had to test everything again, I always test my work while I am developing it and after I am done with the job.
  4. And finaly I had to fix some minor bugs and to add extensions to the website's source. These extensions were required by the client.

The client

For this project the client was a big company in the office supplies business. They wanted to build specific e-commerse website where they can sell specific products from their invetory. For this initiative they ordered two websites, was one of them.