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A project that required hardware research. Also a lot of testing was done. The existence of roles required the testing.

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Description is a corporative website. Its main function is to provide the visitors with the opportunity to print their materials using the website. The main goal was to get students online. Students can print their homeworks and assignment through the website system. I worked on this project while I was employed by "Web Design" LTD.

What I did

My main responsibility was to organize and create the administrative panel and to assure the proper functioning of the frontend. There are different roles in the website's administration. The roles are: employee, administrator and boss. Also the ability to upload files on the server's file system and their print settigns required a big scale research on different print  options. This made me to explore all the printers in the all offices of the client. The database structure was designd and coded by me. The workflow process required huge amount of data to be stored. There are people who print all types of files bigger and smaller. This amount of information was mainly due to storing of print options like: paper size, colour, orientation, from page to page and many more.

Skills that I used

I used my PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, Javascript knowledge to program the website. Basicaly all skills that a webdeveloper must have, to be a good developer, were required this project. Moreover there was a lot of correspondence and communication going between me and the client.

What I learned

I highly improved my skills to communicate with clients. I practiced my comprehension of data presented to me. Data that is in field out of my interests.

The new skill that I acquired is to understand what client's employees are trying to tell me. Usually employees have  computer skills that are enought to let them do their job.

Stages of development

  1. There were several meetings with the client. During these meetings the purposes and ideas of the websote wre clalified.
  2. Then I had to developed the admnistrative panel and the user side.
  3. After I have done my job the client's employees worked with the website to test it.
  4. Basing on their suggestions and reports I added a lot of amenities. These amenities alowed them to do their job easily. Also the chance of errors was decreaced.
  5. The client's emplyees tested the website again. The tests were done mainly on the new improvements.
  6. After everything turned out well the project was finalized and transfered to the client.

The client

The client was a company which main sphere of functionality was in the printing business. This area is highly developed in Bulgarian student campuses. The company has several offices scatered in the capital of Bulgaria the city of Sofia.