Radio station FM+

This is one of the most popular radio stations in Bulgaria. My work was to support this website and to add extensions to the existing functionality.

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Description is the website of one of the biggest radio staions in Bulgaria. I worked on this website while I was employed by ivuWorks LTD. My job was to support the website's current functionality and to introduce new features and improvements to the existing ones. As the website was already online when I started to work on it I had to deal with its legacy code.

What I did

The first thing that I did was to apply new design ot the homepage. The radio is a leading media and it needs to keep its website's desing up to date. I had to connect the existing PHP scripts to the new templates. Except the home page new design was also added to the right column of the website. I had to separate the content of the home page right column from the inner pages right column and than to apply the new design.

After some time I had to add an extension to the administrative panel and to the frond end as well. The "Artists" module was added by me. This module allows the visitors to learn some information about their favourite singers and bands. The artists are organized alphabetically and chronologically.

The visitors can find short biography of their idols. Also related articles and galleries inside the websites content. Fianlly there is a discussion page where they can share their thoughts related to the artist with other fans. In the profile page of every singer there are external links leading to their homepages or social network profiles like Facebook and Twitter.

Skills that I used

To the my job I had to use all skills that a web developer needs. PHP, HTML, MySQL are these skills. PHP and HTML I needed to complete the redesign of the home page and the right column. Then MySQL came in help when I was creating the "Artists" module. In order to store the information I had to create tables.I also had to program a way to store the information and then to retrieve it when needed.

What I learned

This was my first redesign. I learned how to deal with legacy code. I also improved my knowledge how to use APIs. In this case the new API was the API of DISQUS. It was needed for the discussion page that every artist has. Also as usual I added the facebook, tweet and +1 buttons. With them visitor are able to share the page if they like it.

The client

Radio FM+ is the first private radio station in Bulgaria. It started its broadcasting in Sofia, Bulgaria and very fast it transformed to national media. Most of its listeners are between the age of 25 and 45. Radio FM+ is one of the strongest trade marks. It has recieved two times "Radio station of the year" award in 2003 and 2005. The radio is part of the Emmis media group.