State energy and water regulatory commission

This is the web site of the Bulgarian energy and water commission. The work that I did for it was very important. I had to be very concentrated, and my responsibility was on its highest level.

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This is the official website of the Bulgarian energy and water regulatory commission. I worked on it when the company for which I worked was making its redesign. Also the website was moved from one server to another. This was obligatory because of the vast amount of files stored on the website's server file system. I worked on this website while I was employed in "Web Design" LTD.

What I did

My job was to move the huge number of files from the website's current server to the new one. I had to keep the direcotories and files organization as it was. This would allow the operators the continue their work smoothly. Moreover I had to move all the data stored in the database that was related to the files. Of course there were some obstacles that I had to overcome. First of all I didn't have access to the database via remote mysql connection. Also I didn't have access to the website's files through FTP or other connection type.

Skills that I used

This project really tested my HTML, CSS and PHP skills. Most of the job was related with HTML pages that I had to scrape in order to extract the information about the files. A web developer always has to be alerted for problems in the HTML source code that can be caused by various reasons. Also I could only get information about the files only from the frontend of the website. The rest was hidden from me. Based on the website structure like different pages, pages structure and etc. I managed to figure out what kind of information I need to keep. Working with servers directories, files, file owners and rights was also a skill that I used.

What I learned

One of the things that I learned is that I must always be aware of what is the HTML source look like and how it is structured. This helped me a lot in many future projects. Also gathering information about a subject only by looking at the website's structure, organization and data was important in many future projects. There are a lot of clients that want to move their sites for some reasons. Many of these client's host providers declined their requests for FTP access. Now I am able to get the whole "picture" faster an easily than before this project.

Workflow stages

My work had 3 very important stages:

  1. First I had to explore and research the older version of the commission's website. In this exploration I managed to get the overall structure of the file's information.
  2. Secondly I had to code scrapers and downloaders so I can get all the files and the information related data to then. Every single file and its information was very important.
  3. The last thing that I did was to verify that all files are properly gathered and ordered on the server's file system, and the data related to them is correct according to the previous version.

The client

The client was the State energy and water regulatory commission. This commission is responsible for all energy and water suppliers, transports mechanism and consumption. The purpose of the projects was to modernize the websites design and to improve its speed. The oldest files that can be accessed through the website are date from 2002. For more than 10 years the webstie is gathering important laws, resolution, prices and many more.