Theatres portal was a project of the company that was my employer Web Design LTD. I worked on this website while I was employed there.

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Description is a cultural portal. It's main topis is the theatres in Bulgaria. This is the biggest website in Bulgaria related to theatres. There can be found information about every theatre in Bulgaria. Most of the actors and plays are also listed in the website's content. This website is an internal project of Web Design LTD. I was employed by this company while I was working on this website.

What I did

For this website I programmed the administrative panel and the user frontend. I used PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Like many other websites that I worked on, I had to make chanches to the HTML source code. This is very big and complicated website. There are a dozen of modules all related between each other in a certain way.

Most of the work was to polish the theatres timetables. Every theatre has more than one stage. There are plays for every stage. In the end a theathre can have up to 5 different timetables. Also another interesting thing was that a given play can be played simultaneously in many theatres by different actors. This was very important when I designed the database. Moreover a person can be actor in one play and a director in another one.

Skills that I used

I used all my skills to cope with that tasks that I was given with. PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML and CSS were the main languages that I used to succeed. PHP, HTML and CSS I used to display the information to the the visitors viewing the website's pages. The database was designed and normalized by me. The normalization was very important, because if the complexity and relations between the many modules.

In the middle of the development I started to apply SEO features to the website. This also improved the website's positions in the indexes of Google. After I added some clever features the amount of visitors comming to the website, from Google, rose four to five times.

What I learned

As this was an internal project of the company that I worked for, there were all sorts of tasks related with it all the time. I really learned to organize my time. This was mandatory, because the website had a low income, the tasks related with had priority below normal. Nevertheless I could not let the project to stall. I had to find time to do the new tasks while I was dealing with tasks that had urgent or even higher priority.

This project was an exelent opportunity for me to exercise my SEO knowledge and skills. After I added the SEO features and hacks the amount of visitors went up 4 to 5 times. I figured out these features and luckily my boss liked them and the results came very fast.

Stages of develoment

In contrast of other projects that I worked on, this website was a long term project almost ethernal. After all this was my employers website. Even now other employees are still extending the website's functionality. I work in another company now. I still look at website's that I have worked on and I send feedbacks to my exemployers.

The client

As I said in the previous paragraphs there was no client for this project. My emplyer was the client.