Translation agency Lozanova48

This is the website of one of the biggest translation agencies in Bulgaria. I worked on this project while I was employed by ivuWorks. I programmed the administration panel and the front end functionality.

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This is the website of the one of the most popular translation agencies in Bulgaria. The main requirement was the site to present the company on the Internet and the SEO optimizaiton to bring even more clients to the company's offices. I worked for this website while I was employed by ivuWorks LTD.

What I did

For this project the work was separated in two stages. In the first I had to produce an administrative panel by which the client can control the data stored in the database. The administrative panel is based on a custom made CMS programmed by me. This CMS is using the MVC model. The most important modules in the website are the Articles and the Pages modules.

The second part of my work consisted of connecting the HTML templates, that were given to me, with the PHP scripts that I have written. In this way the information stored in the database is properly shown in the website. In addition the website has three language versions, for now. Also there is a inquery form where a visitor can send its documents for translating or just to ask for the price.

Skills that I used

In this project I mostly used my PHP, MySQL and HTML skills. The database of the website is running on a MySQL daemon. All the data is stored in the database. The PHP performs the required checks and escapes and retrieves the data stored in the database.

The HTML I used to be able to work with the templates that were given to me by the slicers. As the website works on a CMS with a MVC structure the vision is separated from the logic and actions. Also there was need for some Javascript and jQuery code which I did.

The client

Lozanova48 is one of the leading companies in the translation and legalization fields. It was one of the first agencies that have corporate software products for computer aided translations. The company is so reliable that it has more than 400 corporate customers that use its services regulary. Lozanova48 has more than 300 employees.